How to order your Canvas Prints now

Check the CANVAS PRICELIST or the аULTRALITE PRICELISTа before ordering.

If you need assistance with ordering, please contact us at 07 5485 3355.

There are three different ways to order your canvas or Ultra Lite.

(1) Via Email

Email your image toаcpnyvh@gmail.comа. Please include the following

• аThe quantity and sizes of the canvasses you would like

• аYou contact phone number

• аYour shipping address

• аAny special instructions

(2)аVia Drop box

Please then attach your image and email it to us. We can accept emails up to 10mb in size. Alternatively, please send the image to us viaа

just double click the link on below: а а ааа

(3) Send us your negatives, slides, transparencies, prints or CD.

You can use the address below and send it to us by mail together with your artwork to:

Canvas Photo Noosa, PO Box 170 , Pomona, QLD 4568

(4) Order your canvas using our PayPal shopping cart а( coming soon! )

The quickest way to order is our online shopping cart. It uses PayPal as the payment system where you can use your credit card or if you have a PayPal account PayPal direct to pay for your order.

What happens next ?

Once we receive your images, we will send you an email with estimated delivery date and our comments should there be any issues with your artwork.